What is MizanHome?

MizanHome Team USIM-UTM (R.M.T 2U), the product of a collaboration between Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), proposes a sustainable, affordable, and innovative net-zero energy smart home which makes use of solar as its main energy source. The total floor area is 140m2 including alfresco decking area and porch area. This modern house design is responding to both culture and environment, while striving for sustainability. Conceptual Approach – “Beyond The Limit” is chosen as the house designated to be flexible arrangement in a modular system and promises the highest level of comfort. The passive cooling strategy by using the element of ‘Masyrabiah” function not only as privacy screen but act as filtration device to cool the air on the ground. MIZAN represents M for Mobility, I for Innovative, Z for net Zero energy, A for Affordable, and N for the integration of the Naqli (revealed) knowledge. The house is fully integrated with solar thermal collectors, high efficiency photovoltaic panels and at the same time offering the electric charging point for hybrid electric cars conveniently assessable at the porch area. We formed our concept with consideration 1) Architecture Respond to environment, ecology; climate, humidity and culture 2) Engineering; innovation of technology and energy.

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