MizanHome Concept

MIZANHOME was developed in line with the issue of global warming and natural disasters which hit Malaysia in recent years. This phenomenon saw an increase in environmental temperature that causes an increase in energy consumption per household. Massive floods that hit Malaysia in 2015 demanded that the team innovate an intelligent building system that is simple, fast, and safe.

MIZANHOME addresses these by integrating them into the layout of the house. It is designed as an ultra efficient flexible solar home with potential for modular expansion without compromising the values of privacy, safety, and health as the fundamental factors in enhancing the quality of life which symbolizes the values and lifestyle of the region’s climate and culture.

MIZAN which means balance and harmony represents Mobility - Innovative - Zero Net Energy - Affordable - Naqli (revealed) knowledge and adopts the best practices on prefabrication, automation, and comfort


Both Malaysia and the Middle East share the same general views when it comes to the elevation of the physical and spiritual status of the inhabitants of a dwelling while at the same accommodating Islam’s diversity through an environmentally responsive and highly energy-efficient home model that acknowledges privacy, safety, and health. The MIZANHOME makes use of the prefabricated modular composition house design owing to the flexibility that it accords, as it allows the house to be extended in line with the growing needs of the users. Here, the public domain – the entry patio, living, and dining areas are meant for receiving and entertaining guests such as neighbours, relatives, and friends, during special events or festive occasions, while the private domain – the kitchen, bedroom, and flexible space for prayers, work, or study, are solely for the occupants to enjoy without interference from their guests.