MIZANHOME Team’s mission is to spearhead innovative solutions in the development of an energy efficient solar home centering on the integration of both design and technology, focusing on the incorporation of Islamic values in achieving a balanced human dwelling, the integration of both the active and passive design technology, geared towards meeting the environmental, ecological, climatic, and cultural needs, while at the same time achieving an overall increase in the energy efficiency with minimal carbon footprint, as well as the fostering of knowledge transfer and partnership between both the universities and the industry players.

Consisting of a mixture of students, academics, and industry players from a myriad of backgrounds, skills, and interests, MIZANHOME Team is committed to the idea of sustainability, providing energy-efficient solutions, as well as raising awareness on promoting responsible use of energy via the production of a fully solar-powered, net zero-energy, modular, climate responsive, affordable, and balanced-designed home that contributes to low-energy architecture while incorporating the Islamic values and ethics towards achieving a balanced human dwelling via an inter-disciplinary design approach, integrating architecture, engineering, landscape design, and builders, providing an appropriate low-energy design for a hot and arid climatic country.