Technical Innovation and Design


By adapting modular construction, it allows environmental friendly construction as the panelized structure can be locally fabricated using renewable materials, less wastage and cost effective. Our design is based on a built up area of approximately 80m2. This house consists of living room/office area, bedroom, dining room, toilet and kitchen. Solar energy via Photovoltaic system is the main source of energy generation in supplying the power to operate the home appliances. In order to maintain the comfort of the user, this house will be included with heating and cooling system. The indoor temperature will be maintained at the comfort level of 22 to 24 degree Celsius and the level of humidity is less than 60 percent.

With the method of construction, in term of practicality and simple, this technology can be transferred and used by industrial player such as builder and contractor. They can subscribe to this construction method, which can enhance the productivity and profitability of their project. The innovations of the project include light-modularized PV panel system, heat collector and energy saving equipment. Our teams are comprised of multidisciplinary research area. The team members that involved in this project have several experiences in developing affordable home for the Malaysian people and energy saving equipment. Besides that, we have a good record of accomplishment in developing solar car, BIPV UTM’s library, solar smart school and solar bus stop within UTM’s campus. UTM’s solar car has been recognized and involved at international competition especially in Australia. Our competency in solar related technology as well as the system could be applied in this project.

The light-modularized PV panel is easy to handle and has low risk towards the workers’ health and safety. In fact, this panel can be a function as fire insulator and can be recycled. The most important attribute in this proposed solar house design is it will incorporate energy saving measures by employing energy efficient appliances that will lower the impact toward environment and the harnessing of ultimate environmentally free energy from the sun.

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